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Let's Grow Together!

Attack on the Faith

According to statistics by Jim Fuller on staggering realitys assaulting clergy:  


90% of the ministers report they feel inadequately trained to meet the demands of the ministry, 70% report having a lower self-image now than when they first started and 50% of the ministers will not even last 5 years! These are horrible statistics! 

Finding The Center 
God's Will

     Often being in the will of God can feel like "not Being" in the will of God!  Especially during difficult periods of ministry that may seem to be extended in length.


     It is during these times of unsurety that we all experience from time to time, that a steadfast plan and proven course of action holds us steadfast ti the course outlined by the word of God!  Being true to principle during times of testing  has a valued place amongst the bedrock necessities if the chrsitian faith.


 In Hebrews 10:36 the Word of God say's: "For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise."  This is the promise of eternal life in Christ!


The Ministers Need

The family of ministers may face unusual pressure aand stress that can lead to burnout and disintegration of the family unit. disintegration is the loss of cohesion or strenght.  The following stats reveal the need for healthy alliances centered on Jesus Christ and the Word of God.  94% of the minister's families feel the pressures of the pastor's ministry. 80% report that it has negatively affected them. Negative experiences have affected children of presbytery so adversely thatmany leave church in adult years and are bitter against God!  

 High Call of God

      The value on anything worth having is determined by the price we are willing to pay to get it and the extent to which we are willing to go in pursuit of the desired thing or outcome!  In other words, it doesn't just "happen" because we want it!  The pearl of great price is Christ and His Kingdom as our reward!  


     Jesus Christ didn't author a salvation without merit or great personal sacrifice and determined devaluation to gain value.  He became sin who knew no sin!  The moment Jesus became the embodiment of the sin of the world his value was only estemed by God the Father and those who would recognize that this selfless act of the Lamb of God was for our benefit that we might see value in the cross and the saviour from sin!


The Government of God


Mastery in Biblical Precepts 


Advanced Ministry Course


Prophetic Intensive Training 


Escalation Conference 10-DVD Series

Ministers Network

Benefits and Expectations:


  • Mentorship-Relationship, Communication, Real Access

  • Relational commitment and accountability, Valuing relationship as much as education.

  • MN will Authenticate, Verify, Endorse, that you are sound both biblically and in integrity.

  • Functional, Legitimate Presbytery

  • Corporate Covering

  • Organizational, Vertical and Lateral accountability

  • Biblical Principles, Strategies, Tools


     "I have been with Apostle Hatcher for

over 5 years and have attended all of the mastery teachings and the government of God. I have never had anyone that took the time to mentor me as well as teach me to inherit the voice of God."


     "Pastor Howard's teachings and trainings have greatly affected my personal growth- not just spiritually, but in every area of my life. These life changing teachings have pulled me to higher levels in God, which has enhanced my ability to lead and mentor according to God's precepts and principles." 


"Not many spiritual leaders recognize the truth that the same God who set *spiritual laws in motion, ALSO authored *natural laws-- LAWS that govern every natural, physical thing (*including the natural, physical body). By the grace of God, not only does Pastor Howard truly have an advanced understanding of *both, but keeps them in proper context, and presents each with a just balance."


"A man of God, a true shepherd, a spiritual father and someone who lives what he teaches! He is an astounding teacher and example of the Word.  He operates in all of the Five-Fold and has an authority in the Spirit realm that I’ve never witnessed before, along with his language from Heaven! The courses that he has developed by the Spirit of God should be in every ministry!"

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