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     Apostle Hatcher is the Founder of International Outreach Ministry and Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


     His extensive National and International experience in providing apostolic and prophetic training to Church leaderships produces “Explosive and Dynamic Demonstrations of the Kingdom of God” everywhere he goes. 

     Apostle Hatcher walks “under an open heaven” and is a very effective grace gifting to the Body in bringing revival and Strong biblical prophetic direction to both local Churches and the Body at large. 


Apostle Hatcher’s personal expertise and accomplishments are as follows:



Rock Your World Program Host

Who is Apostle Howard Hatcher

Apostle Hatcher's Background and Experience


*       30 years as a licensed ordained minister.

*       Serves currently as Senior Pastor of International Outreach Ministry & Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma for ten years to date. 


*       Doctorate of Divinity from College of the Open Bible (Southern Baptist).


*       4 years of ministry training in the Missionary Baptist Church.  Studied  ministry ethics.  Served in associate ministry status.

*       A noted public speaker on substance abuse, drugs, violence, gangs, and unity, at schools, colleges, businesses, churches, as well as                  to city governments and official leaders holding public office.

*       Development work with noted scientist on new concepts and inventions for three years, in C.D.I.  (Concepts, Designs, and                                 Innovations).

*       Executive Director and owner of an advertisement agency for 3 years (Creative Expectations Complete).

*       College teacher for Logos Bible College in Wichita, Ks.  Established and wrote curriculum for Logos Bible College (Gov't of God).                    International lecturer to colleges and professors.

*       Development of programs on racial reconciliation and violence.  Recognized by the government, educational systems, and the                       international community.   See attachments - Color Free.

*       Appeared addressing Reconciliation on The Christian Broadcasting Network, also on radio programs as a host and guest.

*       National and international experience In missionary work and evangelism.   Hosting and speaking at Conferences, Retreats,                           Camps, and Churches.  Aid in strengthening the local church for dynamic outreach.  Implementation of anointed discipleship                         programs.

*       Served as a youth minister for 2 years.


Pastors Howard and Cindy Hatcher have been married nineteen years and they have two awesome and God loving daughters that make every day a delight and celebration of life!  


The Hatcher family loves to travel and minister the word of God together, giving each other support in the things of God.  


You can find the Hatchers bringing the Good News of Jesus' resurrection from North America, to India, Europe, Mexico, the Africa's, and the World!


They are very effective teachers at Marriage Conferences and together have seen thousands come to the Lord over the years!


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