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Can my church come under the "Covering" of MN?

The Ministers Network is an organization committed to mentorship; training, and leadership development of those called to Ministry.  There is no minimum time to be a part of the Network.  Check out the Benefits page to find out more. With MN you will fortify your knowledge and expand your depth in Christ. 

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How does MN work?

Because so many ministers are defecting from the faith who were once stalwarts of the kingdom of God, there remains the need for Internal Integrity systems that will serve as checks and balances to insure the longevity of the ministers ministy and preservation of his or her calling!  You are responsible for your ministry and calling!  MN provides internal and external system checks for personal and professional integrity in real and practical ways.  See MN benefits page for more info.  Learn More

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Is there functional accountability?
What is the cost for membership in MN?
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At MN we believe the scriptures are clear that "in Christ there is neither Male nor Female".  Women who have gifts and a calling that meets the necessary guidelines for ministry are not exempt nor disqualified from pursuing a ministry calling and expression.

At MN we promote the advancement and development of women and men in biblical Christ Centered ministry and expression. 

Can women join the MN network?

Yes, it is possible to be licensed and ordained through MN with the necessary classes, requirements and time hours accomplished to insure doctrinal soundness and ethical conformity to the Word of God.  MN has college level courses and ministry development training and programs for every 5 fold ministry office.

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Can I be licensed or ordained through MN and are there classes?


You as a Senior Pastor or Eldership Board, can request membership for your ministry or organization to join the MN network of churches.  You maintain complete autonomy of your ministry, and MN will aid in providing tools, training, and ministry development opportunities for the minister, staff, and leadership teams.


MN is functional and benefit rich, we require a minimum ministry dues of $30.00 a month which includes your spouse. 


See MN Benefits page for more details.  Learn more here!