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     Not many spiritual leaders recognize the truth that the same God who set *spiritual laws in motion, ALSO authored *natural laws-- LAWS that govern every natural, physical thing (*including the natural, physical body). By the grace of God, not only does Pastor Howard truly have an advanced understanding of *both, but keeps them in proper context, and presents each with a just balance. His delivery of Principles in the Word builds, and *establishes understanding and promotes growth in faith. I am blessed to be a part of IOMTC, and to be under the leadership of this man of God.


Elder A. Williams


     I have been with Apostle Hatcher for 5 years and have attended all of the mastery teachings and the government of God. I have never had anyone that took the time to mentor me as well as teach me to inherit the voice of God. I love Apostle Hatcher and I would never want to be under another leader.


Rev. R. Sharp



     Pastor Howard has impacted me more than any other person I've encountered, and that includes my time in the Marine Corps.  In the ten years I've known him he has walked me through divorce, single parenthood, remarriage, helped welcome my two daughters into the world, as well as equipped me to function as a minister both in and out of the pulpit.  I have been with him from the small bible study in a borrowed room through the successful launch and growth of the ministry of IOMTC, and watched as a steady state of ministers (myself included) has grown and developed from a group of individuals into a functional and effective ministry team.  Through it all Pastor Howard has remained steadfast in his devotion to God, his family, the ministry, and to the mandate of excellence in love. 


Rev. D.  Worley




In 2006, the Lord spoke to me and said that he was going to transition me to another ministry.  My desire and prayer was to be with a ministry that would have the language of Heaven.  There was a language I was looking for and although I did not know exactly what it would sound like, I trusted the Lord to direct me.  I did not become proactive and tried to help, but I stayed where I was until he opened the door.  Eight months later, my cousin invited me to a Friday Night Ministry Training service.  I sat down in this small room and when Apostle Howard opened his mouth to teach, I knew he had the language I was looking for!  I went back every week with a hunger for knowledge of God’s word like never before and never looked back.  I’ve been with the ministry almost 10 years and what I’ve experienced and continue to experience in my relationship with the Lord, I sometimes can’t explain.  The classes offered are incredible and to learn God’s word in a setting where everyone desires to go deeper in Him is unbelievable!  A man of God, a true shepherd, a spiritual father and someone who lives what he teaches! He is an astounding teacher and example of the Word.  He operates in all of the Five-Fold and has an authority in the Spirit realm that I’ve never witnessed before, along with his language from Heaven! The courses that he has developed by the Spirit of God should be in every ministry! It is evident that he has a relationship with God that is deep and real.  The anointing and power of God is evident in his teaching, in each service, and when it’s just a one-on-one conversation with people. He is a soul winner and can minister to anyone at any level. He is a leader and a real Apostle.  God answered my prayer in sending me to IOMTC and I’m forever thankful for his directing my steps to this powerful ministry.  My spiritual growth is not only evident to me, but to my friends and family! My relationship with God is strong and solid and each day I mature in being a son of God.  I am not the same person from 10 years ago! Thank you Apostle Hatcher!


Minister B. Johnson



I am so grateful and honored to have met Pastor Howard and to be under his teaching and leadership. I should be 6 ft under the ground or in jail if it was not for this man of God's obedience to the Spirit of God. His leadership, mentorship and just who he is as a man of God has impacted my life in a great way. I am who I am right now, first God is the reason and second Pastor Howard and his wife. They have shown me love, patience, forgiveness and all the Fruit of the Spirit in their way of teaching me.


     All I can say is that Pastor Howard and Cindy Hatcher, I owe them a lot for what they have showed me as a christian and how to walk as a christian. Though I fail everyday, I have that hope that it is going to be okay because there are people who stand in the gap for me when I can't help myself. I am honored and privileged to be under the leadership of this great, awesome, and mighty man of God who does walk in what he teaches. I LOVE MY PASTORS!!!!!!


Minister S. Ilab



Apostle has influenced my view of leadership and the magnitude the offices carry. I have learned that Leaders will make mistakes and we don't have to be perfect. This has helped me to remove walls and walk free knowing that we are all striving for Holiness. We walk in love until we can run. I have learned that your pulpit is everywhere you go. I was searching for someone to train me and I thought I would have to move to Dallas. Just by watching his example, I have learned to speak slowly, determine God moments, evaluate relationships, and err on the side of Love. We are speaking to a king or queen.


Rev. J. Ford




     Pastor Howard's teachings and trainings have greatly affected my personal growth- not just spiritually, but in every area of my life. These life changing teachings has pulled me to higher levels in God, which has enhanced my ability to lead and mentor according to God's precepts and principles. Pastor Howard's ministry has increased my growth and development causing my pursuit of God to become more intentional. His messages go deep into the word of God and he explains it thoroughly with sound biblical doctrine as the foundation. A greater and deeper understanding of the five-fold ministry, as well as the laws that govern the kingdom of God has been given to me since attending IOMTC. Living according to God's laws has become a lifestyle, and my growth continues with every message and class.


K. Muirhead


For many years, really all my life, I have longed for a true Man of God/father to come into my life to show me the way to live and to live for Christ.  Apostle/Pastor Howard, with humility, love, truth, grace, discernment, and the heart of God he shows me the leader I want to be and strive for.   I personally know of a time that there were rumors and some things being said about me. Pastor Howard stood up for me, counseled me and protected me.  I am so so glad that God saw what/who I needed to make me a true leader. I am so honored and grateful.


Minister T. Johnson



     Jehovah crafted and engineered His people in His image, so we are encoded for excellence, influence and impact for The Kingdom of God. In my quest and pursuit of excellence for Christ, I was gifted with the treasure of Apostle Howard Hatcher who is my Pastor, Shepherd and after Jesus and my husband, he is the best illustration and pattern of both the mind and heart of God in manifestation on the earth. Pastor Howard is the manifestation of Jeremiah 1: 5 , “Before I formed you in the belly I knew thee; and before you came out of the womb I sanctified you, and I ordained you a prophet unto the nations”. Even with his spiritual callings, dexterity to maneuver in the marketplace, knowledge, skills and experience in industry and his ability to go into everyone’s world from the loftiest scholar to the homeless, he remains humble and true to submit to Christ and follow the unction of the Holy Spirit’s teaching.


Without hyperbole, I can testify that Pastor Howard has saved my life through hearing the voice of God and speaking into to my spirit when I was on the threshold of death. Regardless of the demanding schedule he carries, he is always available for our family and his calendar is open for fellowship and for ministry. In Hebrew the word for pastor is ra'ah (רעה). This word is also the word for shepherd. The root used here means to feed. According to the Word of God, a shepherd (Pastor) is called to feed the sheep from the Word of God.


Pastor Howard is the quintessential expert and master marksman in wielding the word of God and walking in God’s wisdom, but the essence of why I love my Pastor and trust him, is that he is training God’s people to reach God’s apex in their unique gifts and calling by rightly dividing the word of truth and applying it to our conduct, character and conversation and bringing the reign of God’s Government to whomsoever will.


I will continue to follow my Pastor as he follows Christ.


S.  Kelly



I've said it before and I'll say it again, I believe Pastor Howard introduced me to the real Jesus. I had been satisfied with a shallow and unaccountable relationship with the Lord. Since meeting Pastor Howard my eyes have been opened and I now live a deeper and more meaningful Christian life. I am literally not the same person I was 7 years ago. Through training, I am growing in my giftings and I am now confident to reach out and minister in my community. Pastor Howard's ministry has greatly impacted my life.


E. Worley

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