Ministers Network

Building the Minister, Ministry & Church





This Network is exclusive to those who are:

Senior Pastors, Elders, 5 Fold Ministers, and Spiritual Leaders



    Benefits and Expectations:


  • Mentorship-Relationship, Communication, Real Access

  • Ecclesia /Church & Network for Pastors, Ministers Lay Leaders and Business Professionals

  • Relational commitment and accountability, Valuing relationship as much as education.

  • Provides Ministers licensing thru MN after completion of two Ministry Courses: Mastery in Biblical Precepts and Advanced Ministers

  • MN will Authenticate, Verify, Endorse, that you are sound both biblically and in integrity.

  • Functional, Legitimate Presbytery

  • Corporate Covering

  • Organizational, Vertical and Lateral accountability

  • Biblical Principles, Strategies, Tools

  •  i2c2 Internal Integrity Core Council - dealing with self when no one’s looking but God; External Integrity – interpersonal, dealing with others, home, job, organizational  

  • Revelational Accountability - Assessment tools for revelations through biblical process

  • Personal and Professional Growth with Consultation for needs and realities of pastoral or other ministry

  • We are a church for Pastors, Leaders, and those in transition between assignments

  • Weekly Facility Church meetings.  Special Quarterly Church Meetings For Members

  • Access through our online Church Ecclesia Weekly Meetings

  • Veracious Authority Systems with Checks and Balances

More Benefits and Expectations:


  • Reduced rate of 20% on all courses at HH School of Ministry

  • Access and permission to use outline of sermons


  • MP3 audios of sermons

  • Weekly conference calls

  • Bi - yearly MN Summit meetings for members and spouse

 * Mastery in Biblical Precepts; *Advanced Ministers; *Gov’t of God;

 * PIT Prophetic Intensive Training; *Escalation



For A Limited Time Only!


MN Member Rate: $30 per month for You and your Spouse


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